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Experience the benefits of stretching and mindful meditation.  
Improve your balance and strength.  
Feel relaxed and energized from class-time meditation.  
One hour classes are  offered in sessions. 
Classes meet at Grace United Methodist Church,
433 E. Main Street, Hummelstown, PA.


Purposeful Stretching

Stretching Body, Mind and Faith...
Ashtanga Yoga
Women Stretching on Yoga Mat
Pilates Stretches
Lotus Pose
Pilates Work Out
Leg Stretch
Warming Up
Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat
Young Woman in the Gym
Pilates Stretches
Yoga Stretches
Pilates Exercise
Pilates with Ball
Sports Facility 2
Yoga Class
Country Club 3
Meditation Class

Explore what stretching can do for you.

What is Purposeful Stretching and Meditation?

 To learn more about the benefits

of stretching and meditation, click on button.

May the meditation of your heart and mind enrich your soul...

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